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Get a FREE assessment of your rental property. Start here!

Best Ways to Remove and Store Your Personal Property Before Renting

Storage BoxesThere are many homes for rent in Utah and to help yours stand out to the best tenant applicants, you want to make sure it is clean and uncluttered. There are many storage facilities in St. George, affectionately known as Utah’s Dixie. Once you find and contract for a space to store your personal belongings, follow the steps below to pack up and clean out your house.

These Simple Steps Will Help You Keep Your Belongings Safe

And it will be quick and easy to prepare your property to start generating rental income.

#1: Box Smaller Items

Small home furnishings must be packed in boxes for storage. The boxes help protect the products from dust, mold and moisture. The boxes should be labeled carefully, and the boxes must be stacked carefully; heavy ones on the bottom, light ones on the top. When packed correctly, furnishings are easier to remove from storage when you are ready.

#2: Wrap Valuables

Valuable home furnishings must be wrapped in bubble wrap or newspaper to prevent breakage. Each precious item should be packed in a special container for storage, and these boxes should not be stacked on one another. Using shelves in the storage unit will help maximize space without having to stack these containers. This prevents breakage to these precious items. And remember to label the precious items containers as fragile. That way anyone who moves the items out of the storage will take extra care with what they are moving.

#3: Cover Furniture

Furniture that goes into storage shuold be covered with another cloth or plastic wrap. The wrapping used for the furniture should cover the fabric entirely, and the wrapping should not be broken until the furniture is moved again. A piece of furniture can last for years in storage if the wrapping is done properly. If you decide to sell the furniture later, it will be in perfect condition.

#4: Clean the House

The house should be cleaned up and swept. The tenants who move into the house should have very little work to do on the house once they move in, setting the expectation that the house should be left in the same or better condition. And presenting the house without any extra or unnecessary objects is not only fair, but encourages a vacating tenant to do the same. If furniture or other items are left in the house, you may want to consider covering them to protect them from dust or dirt until the tenants move in.

#5: Catalog Everything in the House

Keep a complete inventory of everything that is in the house and/or your storage unit for tax and recording purposes. An inventory shows every item in the house, its relative value and where it should be placed. Any home can be re-furnished in a matter of moments using the inventory, and the inventory is required if an LLC manages the house. This list is also useful if something should go missing in the house while tenants are occupying the property.

Every homeowner who rents their house to tenants can use the steps in this article to prepare for the move. Items that go into storage will be protected and the house will be ready for new tenants at any time.

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